5 Foods That May Help You Feel Better

5 Foods That May Help You Feel Better

Description: If the moment you hear the word “diet” you notice yourself cringe, here are five food choices and preparations that can help you eat your way to good health and good moods.

While some people go on a diet to keep themselves healthy, it is far more logical and fun to eat for health. It’s not about eating less. It’s all about eating more of the right stuff.Here are five of the best food choices that will make you feel better and healthier.

  1. Salmon

Salmon provides our body with omega-3 fats to make anti-inflammatory compounds. Eating fish, especially salmon, will significantly improve energy levels as it controls inflammation which is one of the most significant contributing factors to chronic fatigue.

Teriyaki Salmon with Zucchini

  • Combine 5 tablespoons teriyaki sauce and 2 (6-ounce) salmon fillets in a zip-top plastic bag.
  • Seal and marinate for 20 minutes.
  • Toast sesame seeds in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat and set aside.
  • Drain the salmon fillets.
  • Add the salmon fillets to skillet and cook 5 minutes.
  • Turn and cook for 5 more minutes over medium-low heat.
  • Remove from skillet, and keep warm.
  • Add 2 small thinly sliced zucchinis, 4 chopped scallions, and 2 teaspoons oil to the skillet.
  • Sauté for 4 minutes, or until lightly browned.
  • Stir in 2 tablespoons teriyaki sauce.
  • Sprinkle with sesame seeds, and serve with salmon.
  1. Eggs

Egg yolks are rich in choline which is critical in reducing homocysteine and increasing folate levels.Choline can also boost your brain power because two fat-like molecules that contain choline, phosphatidylcholine and sphingomeyelin account for a large percentage of the brain’s mass. In addition to this, choline is used to make acetylcholine which is the body’s primary means of communication between the nerves and the muscles. Improved brain and muscle connection is one way to fight fatigue.

Almond butter Snicker Doodles

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper
  • Mix1 cup brown sugar,1/3 cup cream cheese, 1/4 cup butter and 2 tablespoons of almond butter in a medium bowl
  • Mix in 1 teaspoon lemon rind, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and 2 large egg yolks
  • Combine one cup of white whole-wheat flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, and 1/2 teaspoon salt; stir with a whisk
  • Add flour mixture to butter mixture
  • Beat at low speed until well combined
  • Drop half of the dough by rounded tablespoons onto prepared baking sheet
  • Combine the remaining 1 teaspoon cinnamon and granulated sugar in a small bowl; sprinkle half of the cinnamon-sugar mixture evenly over cookies
  • Bake at 350° for 6 minutes; flatten cookies with the back of a spatula
  • Bake an additional 6 minutes. Cool on pans 1 minute
  • Remove from pans, and cool on wire racks
  • Repeat procedure with remaining dough and sugar mixture.
  1. Blueberries

In a study published in the “Annals of Neurology”, experts have revealed that antioxidant-rich blueberries canreduce cognitive decline in older adults by up to 2 ½ years.What make the blueberry blue are the anthocyanins which are anti-inflammatory and antioxidating agents.Blueberries are great energy boosters even for diabeticsbecause they have a very low glycemic load.

Cinnamon Blueberries with Cream

  • Pour whip cream in a small plate
  • Sprinkle cinnamon powder
  • Dip the fresh blueberries
  1. Sweet Potatoes

Low blood sugar will surely lead to low energy levels. To pull up your blood sugar levels within the healthy zone without creating too much of a spike, you need to eat a complex carb such as sweet potatoes.In 1992, the Center for Science in the Public Interest compared the nutritional value of sweet potatoes to other vegetables. Considering its fiber, complex carb, protein, vitamins A and C, iron and calcium content, sweet potato ranked No. 1 in nutritional value.

Basic Mashed potato

  • Place 1 1/2 pounds sweet potatoes in a large pot filled with water, add plenty of salt and bring to a boil
  • Reduce heat slightly and cook potatoes for 12-15 minutes or until easily pierced through with a fork
  • Meanwhile, in a small pot, heat 1 cupwhole milk and 2 tablespoonsof butter
  • Drain the potatoes
  • Return to pot and add half of the milk and butter mixture
  • Mash the potato until it is smooth and fluff
  • Add remaining milk and butter mixture and serve immediately.
  1. Spinach

Popeye got it right in eating spinach.Spinach is a good source of vitamins A and B folate which are essential nutrients in reducing homocysteine levels.A study published in the journal “Neurology”, experts said that 50% of people with chronic fatigue were deficient in folate and consequently had higher levels of homocysteine.Spinach’s folate is backed up by more than a dozen anti-inflammatory flavonoids. Less inflammation means less fatigue.

Fried Spinach with Mayo

  • Fry dry spinach in olive oil until crunchy
  • Pour low-fat mayonnaise on a small plate
  • Dip each crunchy spinach leaf and it like junk food.
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