5 Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit or pitaya is a fruit often compared to kiwi due to its flesh’s delicious, creamy consistency and dark seeds, part of the cactus family. It has a bright red leathery skin and a sweet, pleasant taste. While the skin is not edible, the flesh is often used in smoothies, sorbets, kebabs and fruits salads, both for its taste and for its health benefits.

Dragon fruit has a high fiber content, and it is also rich in C and B vitamins. It is beginning to gain considerable attention among people of all ages, due to the numerous health benefits it provides. It is grown in South America and Asia, and, besides being healthy, and highly popular due to its provenience, it is also appreciated for its ability to boost one’s metabolism and energy levels, to lower cholesterol, to regulate digestion, to balance sugar levels and detoxify the body.

It is one of the healthiest and most beneficial fruits available in local grocery stores and supermarkets, but numerous supplements based on it have also been created. Here are five of the main benefits it provides and how exactly they are obtained.

  1. Lowers Cholesterol and Regulates Digestion

One of the most important benefits of and usages of dragon fruit is that it lowers cholesterol. The pitaya does not have any cholesterol producing fats. If consuming it does not raise cholesterol levels, but, on the contrary, lowers them, you experience lower risks of developing blockages within the arteries. If you consume pitaya, the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke is minimized. Although this fruit does not completely eliminate or prevent heart attacks, it does reduce the associated risks.

Dragon fruit can also be eaten to regulate your digestion. If you want to regulate your bowl movements, then consuming pitaya can be very helpful. There are some vitamins that cause this to happen, namely vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C. When consumed together, they provide unique health benefits, improving digestion and bowl movement, and they are all contained by this amazing fruit.

  1. Boosts Your Immune System

The high levels of Vitamin C contained by the pitaya provide additional natural defense against diseases. They do this by activating some of the anti-oxidants that are latent within your body and determining them to attack the cells metabolism that could be deregulated.

  1. Regulates Blood Sugar

Some doctors are known to recommend dragon fruit consumption for diabetes, as a solution to regulate glycaemia. By including it in your diet, you can keep the levels of sugar in your blood constant and avoid stuffing yourself with medicine. However, you should not stop taking your treatments without first discussing the situation with your doctor.

  1. Prevents Aging

The pitaya has also been proved to delay or hide the aging of the cells in the body, through its high vitamin content. That is why some of the higher selling brands of anti-aging creams include it in their formula and many beauty salons use it in the treatments they use for their clients.

  1. Detoxifying Your Body

Detoxification is another important property this fruit has, being often recommended to those trying to lose weight or change their lifestyle. As shown above, it does not contain any harmful fats, but by improving digestion and lowering cholesterol, it helps eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

Pitaya is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients anyone should consider including in their diet. If you have high cholesterol, irregular bowl movement or high blood sugar levels, adding dragon fruit to your diet will provide significant benefits.

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