Mi40X Workout Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Mi40X Workout Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Does Mi40x Really Work? Check Out This Detailed and Unbiased Review

Mi40X is a fitness workout program which helps you lose pounds and gain lean muscle quickly. This review reveals the major features of this product, how it works, and what makes it different from others.

Mi40x (Mass Intentions Extreme 2.0) is a special weight fitness program developed by Ben Pakulski for anyone who wants to bulk up quickly. Unlike other weight fitness programs that just focus on losing weight, this fitness program includes a guide for gaining lean muscle as well as new techniques for developing flexibility and strength.

In other words, this program offers a complete package that covers not just muscle building but also nutrition and diet. Although the program contains information and techniques that suit serious bodybuilders, anyone can take advantage of it, including those who don’t work out regularly. With the instructional videos, guides and information in the package, you’ll be able to add pounds of lean muscle every week.

This program is the sequel to the original Mass Intentions Extreme, and it’s been improved in every aspect. In fact, this program provides results 200% faster than regular weight and strength training.

Who Exactly is Ben Pakulski?

Before moving on, some information about the program’s author is in order. Ben Pakulski is an IFBB professional bodybuilder. Known as the Pak-Man, Ben was named the 2008 Mr. Canada winner, and he also finished runner up twice in the IFBB in 2008. Ben graduated from University of Western Ontario with a Kinesiology B.S.

Ben has been interested in bodybuilding since he was 12 years old, and he started out by trying out vegetarianism for a couple of years. He started lifting weights in Mack Gym when he was 15, and it was there he got his first Muscle tech contract three years later. Through the years, Ben has achieved success in bodybuilding through hard work and his own determination to succeed.

Ben knows that bodybuilding requires hard work and patience, which is why he developed this program to help those who want to build a strong, muscular physique in the shortest time possible.

How Does the Mi40X Program Work Exactly?

This fitness program is made up of numerous 60 minute training modules, and each module has three to eight weight training methods. The entire program is designed in such a way that you can do one session daily for six days of the week, so basically you work out six days a week with one rest day.

The centerpiece of the program is CEP (Cell Expansion Protocol Training). CEP involves the stretching of muscles between each set while contracting the opposite muscles. This action forces your body to pump the muscle with blood and accelerate muscle repair. The more you practice CEP, the faster protein synthesis works, which is absolutely necessary for muscle gain.

The way the fitness program has been designed means anyone who wants to burn fat and build muscles can use it. Professional athletes can take advantage of this program to increase their muscle, but even those who have just started going to the gym will benefit. It really doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or fat since the program was developed expressly to eliminate body fat and add muscle mass.

Mi40X, it should be stated, is also suitable for women who want to build muscle and lose body fat.

What’s Makes This Workout Program Unique?

This program is unique because the methods that Ben developed have been scientifically tested and proven to work. Second, this is the only weight fitness program that’s been subjected to university studies and been validated. In addition, there are three programs included here that are suited for beginners and advanced bodybuilders.

This program also doesn’t require a substantial change in your diet, which is one of the problems with other fitness programs. Here you can eat most of the food you like and still gain muscle mass and burn fat.

What’s Included When You Buy Mi40X?

This fitness program comes with a lot of extra items that help you get in shape.

  • CEP Training Blueprint: this guide explains what CEP is all about and what mistakes you need to avoid during workouts
  • Exercise Execution Guide: this is a detailed guide, with step by step instructions explaining what you need to do and when to do it
  • 7 Day Detox Diet: a detox diet is essential for maximum muscle gain, and this shows you how to detoxify properly
  • 7 Day Primer Phase: this gets you ready for the program
  • Workout Sheets: these are specially made sheets that are designed for advanced individuals, intermediates and beginners
  • FAQ Guide: answers to all your frequently asked questions are here
  • Supplement Guide: here you’ll learn what supplements to take to augment your workout as well as what to buy if you’re on a budget
  • Nutrition Guide: this nutritional guide explains in no uncertain terms what you need to eat
  • CEP Practical Application Guide: here you learn how to put CEP to practical use as well as the theory behind it
  • Total Training Videos: these training videos show you how to do all the exercises
  • CEP Training Video Library: this is a complete library containing each CEP workout that Ben developed, and you can follow all the steps easily
  • CEP Rapid Start Action Plan: this is a five minute video that tells you everything you need to know about the CEP program

The Verdict

The Mi40X fitness program is a worthy successor to the original, and Ben has truly come up with a one of a kind workout that anyone can get into. One of the problems with most workout programs is they are very demanding, requiring you to spend hour after hour in the gym with no results to show for it.

This one is different, as the workouts are arranged in a progressive manner, and as pointed out above proven to work. Finally, this is fitness routine that was developed by someone who really knows what works in muscle building and what doesn’t, so you can feel confident about trying it out.

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