The 5 Digestive Perks Of Being A Vegetarian

The 5 Digestive Perks Of Being A Vegetarian

Vegetarian diets have come a long way from being more than just a fad. Generally vegetarians are those who consume only vegetable, dairy and eggs in their everyday diets. People are drawn to this particular way of eating for many different reasons. For one, some believe that the body was never fit to consume meat in large amounts. Those who have turned to vegetarian diets claim that it also promotes slower aging, increased energy levels and various digestive perks.

No matter what your beliefs may be when it comes to the food you eat, here are some of the proven perks you can get when you’re a vegetarian.

  1. Increased Amounts of Dietary Fiber

Being on a diet based mainly on vegetables and fruits, vegetarians benefit from increased amounts of dietary fiber. As known by many, dietary fiber is a key factor in aiding with digestion. An increased amount of bulk is digested much more slowly by the stomach giving the feeling of being full for a longer time. As a result of feeling full longer, vegetarians generally have an easier time controlling their weight. The best part is that there is no need to count calories or limit the amount of food they eat. Controlling weight and body mass index comes naturally thanks to the slower digestion.

  1. Regular Bowel Movements

Millions of people have trouble with their bowel movements. Each year people spend large amounts of money on medication just to help ease their constipation or the inability to have bowel movement regularly. Vegetarians on the other hand, have little trouble with it. The increased amount of fiber not only makes you feel full longer, but it also helps facilitate the removal of waste from the system. A vegetarian diet prevents constipation and diarrhea as well. Furthermore, it can prevent bowel related problems such as diverticulitis and hemorrhoids because stool is removed from the system regularly and with much less effort.

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  1. Prevention of Gastric Problems

As mentioned earlier, a vegetarian diet can help prevent and deal with a host of digestive diseases. Basing on the diets of earlier humans, the stomach is designed to digest more fruits and vegetables rather than meat. The excessive consumption of meat and processed items often leads to many digestive problems such as acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and even colon cancer. While many do not realize it, digestive problems can lead to a host of other problems in the digestive tract and the body in the long run. The dietary fiber from a vegetarian diet can help lower the risk for many of these digestive illnesses as well as other diseases.

  1. Inhibits Indigestion

People with regular diets often experience indigestion after eating large amounts of food, being under stress and generally not being able to properly digest their food. While this is not life threatening, it can be bothersome and gets in the way of daily life. Thanks once again to the dietary fiber in vegetarian diets, it becomes easier for the stomach to properly digest what is eaten. With a vegetarian diet there’s no having to worry that you’ll be having an upset stomach and be feeling sick after a meal.

  1. Lower Risk for Food Borne Illnesses From Meats

Poultry, beef, pork and fish can often be a host for a variety of bacteria and food borne illnesses, especially when they are not cooked properly. Diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration are just some of the stomach reacted problems that can stem from food borne sicknesses. Since a vegetarian diet eliminates the consumption of these meats, it also eliminates the risk for any disease brought about by meat consumption.

In general a vegetarian diet creates a much healthier environment in the stomach. It eliminates toxins in the body much more effectively and prevents the onset of a number of diseases. More than just benefiting the digestive tract, a vegetarian diet can positively affect the overall health of a person.

It is for all these reasons that more and more people are now becoming vegetarians. Having a healthy diet just seems like the right thing to do!

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